Lumion9.0.2 Final solution

Lumion9.0.2 Final solution

In this video, we show you how to resolve the problem that Lumion 9.0.2 close after few minutes or ask for activation code even if internet is on.

The solution consist to use process explorer solution, and delete any Lumion lines in the windows hosts file (C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc)

Download Lumion : Torrent File

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And process explorer solution : Video 

Important Note : Make sure you run both Lumion and procexp64 as admin.

Lumion Error Fix

Lumion Error Fix

Download and install Windows Update for (for Win 7 64 Bits only):



Mega Link:

Click Here

Note: Must download and install the latest driver of your graphic card

Examples of pop-up error messages you may see in Lumion:


  • « Error creating D2D render target »
  • « Failed to create depth -(number) »
  • « Aco_float texture :create texture error »
  • « Failed loading speed tree texture »
  • « Error: creating buffer »
  • « Error not 2d texture »
  • « WRONG creation of texture »
  • « Error dx11.0 not found »
  • « Error creating texture »
  • « Failed to create depth »
  • « Error creating custom cubemap texture »
Lumion Error
Lumion 8-9 Requirements

Lumion 8-9 Requirements




Very High

Lumion work specially on GPU (Graphic card processor), so you need to have at least a 2Gb memory called VRAM.

For rendering Lumion will only use Graphic processor, but when working on Lumion in editor it need rather than the GPU the computer processor. What mean, that when editing material, adding effects… Lumion ask for processor, system memory, and GPU. At least of 3GHz processor is needed to get better performance in editor.

Otherwise even if you have less then 3GHz it’s not a big problem, you can reduce editor quality resolution and you can continue working normal.

Read More about Lumion Requirement: